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The Best is Yet To Come

I believe there are many moments in grieving where we just don’t think we’ll ever be able to breathe again, much less take a deep breath. Grief, for me, has taken so many twists and turns that I have found myself often holding my breath and bracing for the next tunnel. Though it is unmistakably real and demands to be felt, I have felt convicted not to let this grief define me and only by His grace, it hasn’t. I know undoubtedly that while I will never get “over” the loss of my husband, the Lord has helped me to move forward step by step with him alive and well in my heart as a permanent resident and watching over us from above.

As hard as it is to believe, this past August 26th was Reb’s 4th Angel-versary. Cole started his freshman year at SCHS the morning after his Dad went to heaven and also in August he started his freshman year at Pepperdine University (yep, you guessed it) on the same day. When I realized this and shared this date “God Wink” with a friend, it was the first time that I didn’t feel like I needed to brace myself. Previously, I really could envision myself holding my breath through the entire month of August. Because we all know what August means for the mama of a graduating senior mama! YIKES! Dare I say a fully empty nest!? ;)

Even still, His GRACE, has and will forever be my life preserver and my compass. My family and I are breathing deeply because the Lord has allowed us eyes to see the beauty in even the deepest and darkest time and glimpses of the larger story that He is always at work writing. In listening closely for how I can be obedient to God’s call in this next season, He has once again brought clarity. If the mighty work God has done in our lives through the generous hands of His people (YOU) can be passed forward to this community we adore, our mission is clear. With this as our end, we will formally be launched what has been a longtime dream in the making: The More Good Days Foundation.

Our village is simply INCREDIBLE in its outpouring.You have already been serving and walking along friends in our town that have or are experiencing devastating news of a medical crisis. We have all participated in signups for delivering dinners, written cards, helped with funerals, delivered flowers, held hands, wiped tears and prayed for peace and deep breaths of air. I am overjoyed to position More Good Days to be the bridge between this sort of outpouring and those who need it most.

We are so excited that you have made your way to our website and

We would be so honored if you would:

--Take a look at our mission and input your information if you feel so led, even if only to receive updates

--Pray for those who will be involved both on the giving and receiving ends

--Spread the word for More Good Days- a vehicle to be used by His grace and for His glory to serve this community we adore.

On behalf of my hometeam I am overjoyed at the opportunity to serve more and more of you in our San Clemente town, (which Reb always affectionately called God's Country) through the work of the More Good Days Foundation.

The Best is Yet to Come.

Julie McDaniel

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